Kailh Choc silencing

Silencing Kailh Choc keyboard switches


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Adding lubricant to the side rails of the housing or sides of the stem remedies the scratchy noise and feel. Lubricant should also be placed on the bottom of the stem and spring. This mod is used in conjunction with the tape mod (see below).

Various mixtures of lube can be used. Krytox 205g0 is a safe bet, but thinner lubes such as TryboSis 3203 may be more preferable for a lighter switch.

The switch will need to be taken apart to perform this modification.

The switch can be disassembled by prying the top housing off with tweezers.

Lubricant should be applied to the sides of the stem…

…as well as the bottom of the stem.

Cover the entire spring in a thin coat of lube.

Carefully reassemble the switch by placing the stem and spring back in the housing.

Tape mod

Placing thin strands of tape on the top housing of the switch noticeably reduces the upstroke noise. This is a very tedious modification that is best explained in Sam Mohr’s video.


TPU Silencers

Simsalaba printed TPU switch dampeners that fit on the top of choc-compatible keycaps. At only 0.4mm tall, the travel reduciton is not noticeable.




Case foam


Additionally, adhesive foam/rubber bottoms such as furniture anti-slip pads can be used to dampen noise and prevent the keyboard from moving.

Case tape (Aluminum/metal cases)

Placing a single layer of electrical tape on the bottom of an enclosed aluminum/metal case slightly reduces noise.


Modding Kailh Choc Switches - Sam Mohr

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